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    • HowTo - Change profile picture on Microsoft account

      1. Open internet browser 2. Log into Microsoft 365 3. Click on account picture in top right 4. Click on profile picture circle in popup 5. Click "+ Upload new photo" to upload new picture 6. Adjust as needed 7. Click "Apply" button in lower left ...
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      Click on the linked item below to open up and fill out the form: Accounting Guest Travel Form EventSquid Accounting Information Form New Vendor Form Employee Travel Expense Form IT New BTAA Employee IT Setup Remote IT Equipment Survey 2024 BTAA Teams ...
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      Click on the resource you would like to access below: BTAA Website BTAA Member Universities Gift Tracking Resource Big Ten Conference Center
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      Click on the application you would like to access below: BOX Time Reporting PEAR Microsoft 365 Chrome River Vacation Sick Leave Reporting (HR)
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    • Using a YubiKey for 2FA - 2 Factor Authentication

      Many online applications on campus require 2FA or Two factor authentication using DUO.  One option for this is using a Yubikey or hardware token that is placed in a usb port of a computer.  The Yubikey has a yellow circle on it that when touched, ...
    • HowTo - Find BTAA Asset Tag on device

      BTAA Asset Tags are on all equipment purchased with a worth over $500. If your item was originally bought below $500 it most likely isn't tagged. You can usually find Asset Tags in these locations (examples below): For a Desktop, on the top of it. ...
    • How to Edit a GroupMembership in RA/Sync to Sympa

      1. Select the three dots next to a Group in a person page 2. Select boxes with desired resources and click save. Example sync Email to list.  2. 
    • Sitefinity Content Editor Guide

      START HERE: Sitefinity Content Editor Guide Use this guide as a source of content editing instructions and overviews.   Download: Sitefinity Content Editor Guide.pdf  Writing for the Web Use this guide for best practices and recommendations when ...
    • R.A.M Microsoft Teams Account Confirmation Process

      R.A.M Microsoft Teams Account Confirmation Process What is the Process? How do I Skip Automatic Emails When a user confirms account Email Examples What is the process 1. User is Added to a Group 2.RAM Checks if Group has a Listserv or Teams 3. Group ...